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Residence am BachlResidence am BachlResidence am BachlResidence am BachlResidence am BachlResidence am Bachl

South Tyrol active

Form your vacation according to desire and mood...

Take pleasure to the strength spring nature with the walking, bicycle driving, swimming, skiing, skating and a lot more. The active and passive natural lovers are fascinated by the extraordinary regional variety. extraordinary regional variety in close vicinity, as well as the local specialities and lusciousness are estimated very much and invite for staying and enjoyment.

Our in-house children's playground and garden, as well as the nearby park with adjoining mini-golf, also let arise with our small guests no boredom.

We wish the active vacationers with the tennis play, with the walking by our wonderful mountain world or while riding a bike by the marvellous scenery a lot of fun!

Who would like to refresh himself in summer rather in the chill Wet, that can let off steam with pleasure in the experience outdoor swimming pool Tramin (about 10-min. walking time)! Enjoy the surrounding lakes, which one can enjoy with the swimming, fishing or windsurfing, or explore with the pedal boat.

Enchant your selves culturally by the numerous destinations, museums, towns and castles in our surroundings.
Dive one in the quite special „Traminer culture “ which you can see in our village parties or even with the traditional and in South Tirol unique "Egetmannumzug". The carnival move is celebrated since 1591 in all odd years solemnly and extensively.

„Can do everything, nothing must do, simply have time. This is the foreign exchange.“